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This fic is the best because he’s in the U.P. Y’know where I’ve gone almost every summer in my entire life? The U.P. I know this place hell yeah

I can hear the first five seconds of a song and be able to tell you if it was in the first Twilight and probably exactly what scene it was playing in

My mom had me watch Derek with her today (it’s one of her favorite shows) and we watched the whole thing. Just all of Derek. And I was crying 50% of the time. And she was tearing up 25% of the time.

She had agreed to watching Extras next. I don’t think that really hits the same chords as Derek, though.

Derek will grab your heart and make you smile and laugh and have a good time and once your heart is sufficiently warmed it will pULL YOUR HEART OUT AND STOMP ON IT UNTIL YOU SOB

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